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Leasing is a smart financial decision. American businesses choose leasing 2 to 1 over bank financing. In fact, leasing is the most popular method used by U.S. companies to acquire equipment--80% of American businesses lease equipment.
This underscores the fact that leasing is widely regarded as the best way to obtain equipment. Following is a list of reasons why leasing makes sense:
  • Protects against obsolescence
    Since the risk of ownership remains with the leasing company, the lessee always has the option to upgrade to new equipment. This allows you to stay on top of advances in technology, leveraging your investment to the greatest degree.
  • Provides flexibility
    Leasing gives you a wide variety of options: you can choose to purchase your equipment at the end of the lease at a significant discount, or you can upgrade to newer equipment; you can structure your lease to best meet your financial needs; and you can add new equipment without large cash outlays. The flexibility of leasing allows you to meet the changing needs of your businesses painlessly.
  • Eases budget constraints
    Since leasing finances 100% of cost, it provides an ideal method of acquiring needed equipment after the capital budget has been allocated. There are no hidden costs, no extra delivery or installation payments--everything is included in your lease.
  • Allows you to tailor payments to cash flows
    Transactions can be structured to match lease payments with anticipated cash flows. Skip payments, step payments, even pay-per-use arrangements are possible on some types of equipment.
  • Preserves capital
    No big up-front cash outlays are required and in most cases no down payment at all is needed. We understand the financial realities of running a business--with leasing, you can retain working capital for other needs.
  • Accounting/financial statements
    A FASB 13 operating lease will allow off balance sheet financing, thus often reducing loan covenant restrictions. Leases can also make it possible to borrow for other businesses needs as they conserve bank lines of credit.
  • Provides a hedge against inflation and interest rates
    Payments are locked in at today's dollars and interest rates. Even if rates go sky high, there will be no payment adjustments. Leasing allows you to weather the market storms untouched.
  • Can provide tax advantages
    Leases can often be structured so that 100% of the payment is deducted from income taxes, providing your business a tax benefit.
  • Quick and easy process
    Compared to arranging a commercial loan, the leasing process is simple. Most transactions are completed within 72 hours, with very little paperwork involved. We invite you to look at our lease application to see just how easy it is.
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